What makes Neo a smart container?

The Neo smart jar is intelligent, inspired and intuitive. It gives real-time nutrition advice, consumption tracking, fitness sync, recipes, freshness alerts, and zero-touch shopping.

When you have a food container that tells you how many calories there are in your food, how much you need to put in what you are cooking depending on what your body needs, until when it will be good to eat without being expired, and when it is time to shop for more, isn’t this jar smart enough for you? But wait, there’s more. Neo can be synchronized with your fitness and wellness applications and devices which makes it your dependable partner in achieving your health goals. As we always like to say, it is a smart container that thinks like how you want it to!

Ok great, so it can do a lot of stuff. But how exactly does it do that?

Neo has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity and very reactive sensors that enable it to track the nutrients and composition of the food inside the container.  Through the Internet of Things, it can transfer data about an individual’s personal nutritional requirements over a network of devices. This system allows Neo to track your dietary consumption, compare it with your health goals, and make the necessary adjustments and recommendations so that your diet and fitness goals are aligned.

What can I put in the jar?

You can put a variety of food inside the jar such as your pasta, smoothies, soups, and even your snacks and sweets.

Do you have other colors for the jars or do they just come in black?

The standard color is black but if you are going to order 5 jars or more, you can choose to color your Neo with blue, yellow, red, or white.