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10 Ways To Protect Your Home From Cockroach Infestation

When cockroaches infest your home, they can be difficult and costly to get rid of.  It will take some time before your house is declared roach free. But you can make things easier for yourself by simply adopting cockroach prevention measures instead of dealing with the actual problem itself. Prevention is a cheaper and more effective way of keeping cockroaches away from your home. 

If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your home, we have some of the best DIY pest control South Side tricks for you. Here are 10 of the best DIY ways you can keep your home free from cockroaches: 

1. Keep The House Clean 

One of the basic tips for protecting your home from cockroach infestation is keeping your home clean. Roaches thrive in dirty places. So, you need to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned, including the furthest corners of your house. Pay more attention to the kitchen. Don’t just clean with water but also add detergents that will make it difficult for the cockroaches to thrive. How frequent you clean your house will lower or increase the possibilities of dealing with a roach infestation.  

2. Shuffle Things Around 

The mistake that most people do is keeping things in the kitchen at the same place for a very long time. That gives roaches a perfect place to not only hind but to breed. So, make sure that you are shuffling things in your kitchen from time to time. Change the location of the refrigerator, stove and other appliances. Move the island and other items that could provide hind outs for these pests. With that, you will be able to kick them out of their hind outs hence keeping your home safe. 

3. Keep Newspapers and Cardboards Boxes Away 

One thing that some homeowners don’t know is that cockroaches like newspapers and cardboard boxes. If you have these two items lying in the house, and more so in the kitchen, then you are inviting these pests into your home. They provide a perfect breeding ground for roaches. Therefore, make sure that newspapers and cardboards are stored properly in the house. If you don’t need them, just throw them away to avoid nasty cockroach infestation.  

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4. Clear Out the Clutter 

Cockroaches don’t like open places. In fact, you will rarely find these pests in an empty room or crawling on the floor during the day. They like hiding in dark places, and a clattered room provides them with a perfect habitat. So, if you want to protect your home from roaches, then clearing out the clutter in the house is one of the most cost-effective pest control south side plans for roaches. The practice will not only keep your house free of these pests but also make it specious.  

5. Keep The Home Dry 

Roaches love damp places and places where they can get access to water. That’s why you need to check your home for damp places and leaking appliances or fixtures. Check whether there are places in the kitchen that damp, especially under the kitchen sink. You also need to check if your refrigerator, water filter, washing machine, and other appliances are leaking. Make sure that everything stays dry. If cockroaches cannot get access to water, you will have avoided an infestation. 

6. Contain Foods 

For roaches to infest your home, they will need to have plenty of food. They will eat all kinds of foods, including pets’ food.  One way that you can ensure that there is no food for roaches is by containing all foods in the house. Keep the containers clean and the lid tightly closed. With that, there will be nothing for the cockroaches to eat. Even a few that could be in the house will die of hunger or run away to look for food. Containing food also helps to control their breeding. 

7. Do The Dishes 

One of the areas that roaches get their foods in from the leftovers. Most people leave dirty dishes in the sink, especially after dinner. That’s one big mistake that increases possibilities a roach infestation. With these pests being most active during the night, they will collect food from the dishes. This will enable them to breed fast, and that’s how you get to experience an infestation. So, do the dishes immediately after finishing your meal if you want to keep cockroaches away from your home. 

8. Vacuum Cleaning 

Cleaning the house with water and detergents may not get rid of all cockroaches. You need a more powerful cleaning method that can also collect the tiny eggs of these pests. Vacuum cleaning is one of the most effective ways of protecting your home from an infestation. What you need is just to vacuum clean every part of your home at least two times a week. With that, you will be able to get rid of any possibility of roaches infesting your home. 

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9. Seal Crack  

Proper maintenance your home also plays a critical role in keeping roaches away. If these pests don’t get access to your home, then you will never experience a pest infestation. Sealing all cracks that could provide these pests with access to your home is crucial. So, check your home foundation for any cracks and have them fixed. In addition, we recommend that you install door sweeps to prevent roaches from crawling into the house using door gaps. 

10. Squirt Borax Powder 

Borax is one of the lethal weapons against roaches. Once a cockroach has consumed borax powder, it cannot survive. The powder kills roaches by damaging their gut lining hence killing the pest by starvation. Borax also dehydrates these insects hence damaging their exoskeleton. By squirting borax around the house, you will kill roach that will manage to come into the house.  

These are some of the best DIY tips for protecting your home from cockroaches. But if you are looking for a lasting solution to roach problem, consider hiring professional pest control services. They will not only help you deal with roach infestation but will also help you put measures that will help prevent cockroach infestation.

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