Hi there! This is Anna from Toronto, Canada and I just want to rave about the Neo Smart Jar!

As they say, you are what you eat. I admit that I am a foodie. I love eating and trying different kinds of food especially when I am with my family and friends. But somehow, I lost control of my eating habits along the way. I was constantly on the lookout for carbs and meat. You can tell that it took its toll on my body. I realized I was gaining weight and I was not comfortable with it anymore. There were times when I found it hard to breathe. That’s why I decided to consult our family doctor and was advised to go on a diet so that I can bring my body back to my ideal weight. Our doctor reminded me to watch what I eat. Good thing SKE Labs’ Neo is there to save the day. Now, I can keep track of what I eat and its nutritional content. It is easier for me to maintain a balanced diet and watch my weight. Neo has really been my trusted partner in achieving my weight goals. I know it is one of the best purchases I made so far as I continue my journey to wellness. It just made eating healthy easier and more fun. I do not feel like I am on a diet at all. I can make the recipes for my favorite food but Neo is there to remind me to put the right amount of ingredients according to what my body needs. I am closer to my weight goal now and even my doctor approves of the results. I could not have done it without Neo. So thank you SKE Labs for this innovative product!