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About Us

SKE or Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs is a computer company in the consumer electronics industry. Our headquarters is in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our company was founded in 2014. It may be small in size with less than 10 employees but we partner with the industry’s best companies to help us produce quality and innovative products in the market.

Our company founder is Madhuri Eunni, an entrepreneurial engineer with an innovative and passionate mind. She exudes woman power through her capability to lead a productive team and by her desire to transform homes in nurturing and nourishing abodes. She is the mind behind the smart home solutions that use the internet of things to promote healthy living.

SKE Labs specialize in connected living by fusing technology in our homes, making home living automated and smart. We make devices that have sensory awareness and cloud-based connectivity. We aim to redefine healthy living by inventing functional products out of practical everyday stuff. Of course what better way to start than at the heart of every home – the kitchen. We aim to revolutionize every kitchen to help families and individuals make healthy choices and intelligent decisions when it comes to food and nutrition.

Neo, the first smart jar in the world, is our first brainchild offering for you. We had the pleasure of introducing it to the rest of the world when we were invited to be an exhibitor during the Eureka Park Consumer Electronics Show last January 6, 2015. We were overwhelmed by the positive response that we got from our supporters and we were more than inspired to manufacture this innovative product so that more people can enjoy its benefits. Neo is a smart container that connects to your kitchen and synthesizes its content with your personal health requirements so that you can eat healthily and achieve your fitness goals.

We are SKE Labs, we are here to make your kitchens smart for a healthier you.