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Couple cleaning their home with cleaning equipment

Cleaning Equipment: The Time-Saving Solution to your Next Dirty Job

If you are looking for ways to save time and be more efficient with your cleaning, then hiring the right equipment is a surefire way to do it. There’s no need to spend hours on end scrubbing or mopping when there’s a quick fix for that: all you need is some high-quality cleaning equipment!

This article will give you an in-depth look at the many different types of cleaning equipment that are available on the market today. We will go over their practical benefits, drawbacks and some great options to get you started.

There’s really nothing like a sparkling clean floor or shiny stainless steel appliances – it just feels so good! You can achieve this more efficiently by hiring the right type of equipment.

Let us take a look at the benefits of hiring cleaning equipment for home or commercial needs.

1. Hiring cleaning equipment can save you time and money

If you are looking for a way to save time and money on your cleaning, hiring the right equipment can make all the difference. Do not forget that when it comes to saving time and money, there is no one size fits all answer. 

For example, some people find success with hiring a professional cleaner every few months instead of doing deep cleans weekly. Others use vacuums and mops to keep their floors clean without having to worry about buying new rugs or carpeting after they get dirty.

Woman cleaning at home

Whatever your preference may be for cleaning equipment, the need to scrub floors and surfaces is unavoidable. Sometimes we just don’t have time or desire for such a chore, so it’s a good idea to keep some supplies on hand that will make this job quick and easy.

2. Cleaning equipment is more efficient than manual labor, especially for large homes

The problem with manual labor is that it takes up a lot of time. It’s inefficient, and the pay isn’t great either. But luckily, there are more efficient ways to clean without all of this hassle, like how most of the commercial cleaning Brisbane companies do it.

Cleaning equipment, such as floors and vacuums, help keep your home or workspace healthy and safe for employees to work in. The best part? Cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers saves time so you don’t have to worry about hiring extra labor to do it manually.

Isn’t it better to spend your time on something else than cleaning up by hand?

3. Cleaning equipment costs less per hour than hiring a worker to clean your home

Cleaning equipment is a great thing to have in your home if you don’t have time or energy to clean for yourself. It allows you to spend more time doing the things that matter instead of scrubbing and vacuuming all day.

Most people think that hiring someone, like a maid, would be cheaper than hiring cleaning equipment but this isn’t usually the case. The cost per hour is often lower with rental machines than paying for an hourly wage.

Cleaning service during work

Also, if you hire a maid they might not know how to use your vacuum cleaner which will lead them to waste their time figuring it out while also costing more for their services as well as yours.

4. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the work or how well they do their job because it’s all done by machines

Machines do all the work so you can enjoy your time with loved ones. Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore anymore. Just watch as the machines magically transform your home into something beautiful in record time. You’ll be left with more free time than ever before.

No one wants to spend their precious time scrubbing toilets and sinks. If you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective solution to all of your dirty messes, cleaning equipment can help make this task much more bearable.

5. If you’re not sure what type of machine would be best for your needs, there are many different types available that can suit any budget – from a vacuum cleaner to an industrial-sized carpet shampooer

The best way to decide what type of machine is right for your needs, and thus the budget you can afford, is by considering some key factors.

The first thing that should be considered when deciding on a carpet cleaner is its size limitations – whether it’s designed with small spaces in mind or if it will only work well for large living rooms.

You’ll also want to consider how often you plan on using this appliance since there are varying degrees of frequency available depending upon need; from daily use up through weekly professionally cleaned intervals between deep cleansings.

Finally, take into account other considerations like water usage, overall weight capacity and the like. Knowing these factors beforehand can help you maximise the cleaning equipment rental.

Hiring a cleaning service is costly and time-consuming. It’s also not the same as hiring equipment to clean your space for you. Cleaning professionals are great, but they come with their own challenges like scheduling or high costs that may make it difficult for some people to hire them full-time. 

If you want cleaner spaces without the headaches of finding cleaners every day, consider getting professional cleaning equipment instead! Some companies can help by delivering everything from vacuums to mops and buckets all at one low price per month.

Kitchen and Dining Room Signages Ideas

10 Kitchen and Dining Room Sign Ideas for 2021

Interior décor takes many forms, and signs are increasingly growing popular with homeowners. You can spice up your kitchen and dining room with signs that reflect your personal touch and style. One thing about signs for interior home décor is that they offer you flexibility and versatility. 

If you want to entertain your guests for a meal, there is a range of kitchen and dining room sign ideas to choose from. You can use signs as focal points in these spaces as well as add a personal touch to the interior décor. Just make sure the choice of signage has something to do with food.  

You can easily come up with your own kitchen and dining room sign ideas. If you feel you cannot find attractive sign ideas, read this guide. We have come up with 10 exciting kitchen and dining room sign ideas you can select from 

1. Wood Pallet Signs 

The use of wooden signs for interior decoration has been around for some time now. The versatility that these signs offer is what makes them popular with homeowners. There many ways you can use wooden signs but one of them is passing a message that sinks in people. It may be a message to promote memory-making while gathered together for a meal in the dining room. You can put many other messages on wood pallet signs such as healthy eating, inspiration quotes, and so on. Wooden signs last for a longer time is what makes them ideal for reliving the fondest memories. 

no fishing wooden sign

2. Vinyl Lettering 

If you want to make a bold statement in the kitchen and dining room, then vinyl lettering would make perfect signage. By using bold vinyl letters on the walls, you will have a message no one will ignore. They will have read, and the bold feel will make it sink deeper than just the typical writings. Vinyl lettering décor also boosts a happy feeling in your space based on the message you are relaying. You can play around with the colours to make the sign more eye-catching. 

3. Handwritten Steel Sign 

One of the popular interior kitchen and dining deck is the use of copper-coated metal signs. You can select from the range of signs, but one of the most attractive is the handwritten options. This is where steel metal sheets are cut to mimic a handwritten message. You can write any message, but a single long word would be ideal for these signs. The handwriting must also be very attractive and eye-catching. A bit of calligraphy feel goes along. Place the sign where it on the wall where it makes the biggest impact. 

4. Try Personalised Kitchen Sign 

You can spruce up your kitchen decor by bringing up personalised signage. The idea works great if you are known as a professional chef. Your kitchen will always marvel at your guests if you have a sign going like “June’s Kitchen.” Then you can have the artwork done so professionally that the sign will have a commercial vibe. You can also include some of the kitchen accesories, such as folk other cutleries, to spice the sign. Personalised kitchen signage works great for kitchen walls that have most of the kitchen going on.  

steel letter a signage

5. Customised Metal Bars 

Think about having metal bars cut to form a rustic customised décor in the kitchen or dining room? How would your space décor change? That is what you get from a customised 3D metal sign on the wall. You just need to have metal bars cut into various sizes that make a nice piece of artwork. Then you can have a name or the message on top of the bars. Keep the wrought metal in the same rough, rustic vibe to produce a sleek modern style. This can make a perfect focal for your space. 

6. Framed Signs 

The framed sign is another idea you can use to enhance your kitchen and dining room décor. The framed signage provides vast versatility in that you can use multiple frames for the message you want to pass. Let’s say that you want to have the word EAT in the kitchen or the dining wall. You can have a frame of each of the letters. This means a total of 3 frames will be placed on the wall. The colour of the frames, design, and writing can make the sign stand out. 

7. Motivation Signs 

You must have seen motivation quotes in people’s living room, and you probably have one already. You can bring the same into the kitchen and the dining room. The only thing that could be a bit different about this sign is the message. Considering you will be dealing with food, you can talk about healthy eating and so on. However, make the sign eye-catching by having the artwork superbly made. Maybe, a calligraphic style and contrasting colours to spice the appearance of the sign. You can put up the message in a nice wood pallet or vinyl. 

best is yet to come signs

8. Chalkboard Sign 

This is one best DIY kitchen and dining room sign ideas you can use. The chalkboard gives you flexibility with your sign message. You need to make a nice board to write the message about food, such as cooking, drinking, and eating, that inspires you. You can make the sign attractive by using calligraphic wring style and using different colours. Keep the message short and clear. 

9. Kitchen and Dining Rules Sign 

Imagine the kind of interest your guest would have finding a rules signage? Well, no known will not go through the listed rules. Make just the normal rules but with a tweak that will make them interesting. Put it directly in front of the guest for better visibility. 

kitchen notes on a chalkboard

10. Farmhouse Pieces for sign 

If you want to impress your guest with a more rustic and yet modern décor vibe, try farmhouse pieces. There are many metal scrollwork signs you can select from depending on what you think stands out. You can have a metallic handwritten frame on the wall with the message at the centre and other decorative work all over. Weathered finish steel makes perfect farmhouse signage. 

If you want to give your kitchen and dining room a new vibe, these are sign ideas you can select from. For professional signage services, contact MPL Signage for quality and affordable services. They are experienced and reliable signage experts.

worker checking AC problems

Signs of a Very Inefficient HVAC System and What To Do About It

With cold winter and scorching summer, almost all homeowners in Sutherland Shire, Sydney have installed HVAC systems. But the biggest problem is running an inefficient HVAC unit. But how can you tell that your system is inefficient, and how do you fix it? Well, it’s easy. We have rounded up some of the main signs and solutions below in this article. 

We talked to Glenn from Alpha & Omega on the signs of a very inefficient HVAC system and the best solutions. He told us the signs, listed below, to look for in inefficient HVAC system. And if you’re looking for a Sutherland Shire air conditioning near me, you can call Glenn. 

Increased Bills 

One of the main signs of an inefficient HVAC unit is increased utility bills. If you notice an increase in energy bills and the number of appliances is still the same, then check the HVAC system’s efficiency. It’s usually the main culprit in such cases. An inefficient system will make the unit to work harder hence consuming more energy. 

To reduce energy wastage, maintain your system as recommended. Check the condition of the filters, ductwork, and the overall condition of the unit. A professional technician will also check for dust build-up on the evaporator coils. 

Humid home 

A properly functioning HVAC system should control both the temperature and humidity. If you feel sticky and clammy in the house and the AC is running, it’s a sign that your HVAC system functionality has reduced. This is one of the problems that you need a professional technician to fix.  

In some cases, the loss of refrigerant could be the problem. Without adequate refrigerant, the AC coils will not be cold enough to remove moisture in the air. Dust build-up on the evaporator coils could also be the problem. Glen cautioned against the DIY approach to fix these problems. 

Fluctuating Temperature  

If you have noticed that your house rooms have varying temperatures, your HVAC system is inefficient. There are also cases where you might have cold and hot spots if the room is large. Temperature fluctuation occurs when the unit functionality has reduced.  

person adjusting room temperature using smart app

According to Glenn, the first thing you need to do to fix temperature fluctuations is maintenance. If you have taken long to maintain the machine, this is a sign you need comprehensive maintenance of the unit. Look for air conditioning near me for quick and professional maintenance services. 

Dusty Home 

Dust in the house is another sign that your HVAC system is very inefficient. A properly function system should be removing dust and other particles in the air to improve air quality. The most important thing to check is the effectiveness of the ventilation system. 

If your home is dusty, it’s a sign that your ventilation system has a problem. You need to have the ductwork, and the fan checked. The maintenance of the entire system is also recommended. Call your technician immediately to avoid escalating the problem. 

Aging HVAC Unit 

The lifespan of a good quality HVAC system is 10-15 years. Once the unit hits 10 years, it will stop running efficiently. Glenn mentioned that this is the time that the unit asks for frequent repairs. But this will not make the unit hit peak efficiency because of years of wear and tear. 

The solution to the aging problem unit is a replacement. Work with a reliable plumber or technician to help you choose the best HVAC brand and model for replacement. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot of money to run and maintain the unit. 

Hire a professional technician to help you determine whether your HVAC unit is running efficiently. Call Alpha & Omega Air Conditioning in the Sutherland Shire area, including Bangor, Engadine, and more!  

Balcony garden ideas

Style Your Balcony with Plants

Balconies are a popular addition to many inner city homes, especially in urban centres such as Melbourne and Sydney. Relaxing on your balcony not only provides you with a breath of fresh air, but also an ickle of peace and freedom in the midst of a concrete jungle. Having plants on your balcony can turn it into an oasis, but setting it up can be a chore. 

Factors To Consider

The first two factors in deciding on the style of your small balcony escape is space and light. If a balcony space is limited, focus on smaller plants that are more unique to create a focal point. Another good idea is to hang plant from the ceiling or have them cover walls to create more green space without sacrificing usable floor and living space. More green is usually good, but you don’t want your plants to be squeezing you out as they grow. You don’t want to place them where they might block too much of the natural sunlight either.

If the space allows it, a tiny forest might do. However, you need to ensure that each of your plants are reached by the energetic rays of the sun. Express a bit of your own personality in your selection of balcony plants. Add some green cover if you require more privacy, or grow some herbs if you enjoy having fresh ingredients to add to salads or to invigorate your pastas.

One important factor to keep in mind is that soil, especially when wet, can be very heavy. Make sure you don’t overdo it with additional weight you add to your structure, or you might soon be shelling out for balcony repairs – or worse! For most apartments in urban areas like Melbourne you won’t have enough space for huge plants that require large pots full of soil, but for those of you with rooftop balconies or huge spaces, it would be best to check the structural rigidity before adding too much additional weight.

Lady harvesting tomatoes

Plant Placement

The position of your plants will be determined by the dimensions of your balcony garden, and the current and mature sizes of your chosen plants. Larger plants go better in pots on the ground where they’re in the background to contrast others. From above you can put hanging baskets of ferns, tomatoes, or other cascading plants to fill the gap. Going with artificial lawn is never a bad idea and it adds an extra touch of green to your small space. Here’s containers gardening ideas that can guide you to change small spaces to urband balcony gardens.

Building your own frame to fit pots vertically saves a lot of space and gives you a balcony garden with minimal floor space. There are many vertical gardening ideas online that’ll suit your walls and can be constructed from materials you can find lying around the home. Beautiful arrangements can be achieved, to create a vibrant and functional talking point for when you have guests visiting.


Keeping your plants neat is a meditating activity if done on a regular basis. Plant are quick to steal the heart and before you know it they will become and integral and much-loved part of your home. Regular watering, pruning and trimming will become a part of your routine, and you will reap the rewards in return though your new, peaceful and serene balcony setting. 

young woman in her small kitchen smiling

10 Genius and Affordable Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

What’s the size of your kitchen? Large or small. If it falls in the latter group, you have no reason to worry. You can still make it look bigger, super-efficient, and organised at a minimal budget. All you need are a genius decorating ideas that can transform your small space and make it more functional and beautiful.

The good news is that there are many clever ways you can make your small kitchen spacious without breaking a bank. In this guide, we are providing you with some of the genius and affordable small kitchen decorating ideas. Here are 10 smart and affordable small kitchen décor ideas you can try: 

1. Maximise Cabinet Space 

Cabinets are a crucial part of a kitchen regardless of the size. They help you store things, including utensils, food, cookery and so on. But apart from storing things inside the cabinets, you can make your small kitchen look more organised by using the space between the cabinet and ceiling. For things that you don’t use frequently, you can store them in this space. Try winker baskets on top of the cabinets to make it look tidier and more appealing. 

2. Keep It Classy & Functional 

You can create an illusion of a larger kitchen space by keeping it classy. There are several ways that you can achieve this. First, you can install classic plumbing accessories that will steal the visitors’ attention from the small space. You can get classic stainless steel kitchen sinks and faucets to give the kitchen a classy look. And at the same time keep it functional by having undersink water filters for example. Quality statement lights can also add to the classy look of your kitchen. 

3. Declutter the Space

Have you ever thought why your kitchen looks small when you have a thing all over the place? Well, it is because clutter takes up space. So, one of the cheapest small kitchen decorating ideas decluttering the room. There many things in the kitchen that you probably don’t really need. You need to toss these are things to get the kitchen organised. So, go through the cabinet, drawers and toss anything you haven’t used for a while. The trick is to pare down kitchen stuff to a bare minimum. This will cost you nothing apart from your time.

4. Lighten Up The Room

Dark spaces feel smaller. So, if your kitchen is small and dark, then it will look even smaller. What you need is to brighten up your walls, ceiling, and the entire space to make to create a big room illusion. There are several affordable ways that you can brighten your space. All white palette would be ideal for lighting up small kitchens. Paint the walls and the ceiling white. You can also have a white or bright floor. LED Under-cabinet lighting is another way you can illuminate the room.

well lit kitchen area

5. Add a Mirrored Backlash

Mirrored backlash décor idea is increasingly becoming popular with a small apartment. It works by creating an illusion of a spacious room. You can create the same illusion by introducing mirrors for your kitchen walls. Have them strategically placed in the kitchen where they can have the biggest impact. The trick is to have one large mirror(s). You can have the mirror cut in a unique design to enhance room aesthetics.

6. Use Horizontal and Vertical Lines

The use lines to create an illusion of a spacious room is widely gaining popularity in interior décor. The technique works by drawing the eyes along the lines hence making narrow spaces appear roomier. You can start with cabinets to create this illusion. Have both horizontal and vertical lines drawn or cut on the cabinet. For the walls that don’t have cabinets, you can have the lines drawn using a contrasting hue. It’s a clever small kitchen decorating idea that will cost you very little.

7. Bring In Plant 

Plants are some of the must-have tips when it comes to interior decoration. They work for every room, including a small kitchen. Plants provide a natural and happier feel, which brightens up the room. However, they work well when combined with other décor ideas such as mirrored backlash. Mirrors will multiply plant images making space appear roomier. For perfect interior décor, pick a nice indoor plant. 

8. Reorganise the Room

The arrangement of your kitchen is a crucial factor when it comes to interior design. You need an arrangement that saves spaces as well as opens up the room. For example, you will have your kitchen appear even smaller if you have many things at the centre of the room. The trick is to have most of your things, including prep tables along the wall. This will leave a larger space around the centre, hence making space look larger.

9. Think of Space-Savvy Storage

cabinets for kitchenware in small space

The shortage of storage will make your small kitchen look even smaller. If you can’t declutter the rooms, consider incorporating space-savvy storage ideas. Corner drawers are clever space-saving ideas that can help you maximise a small kitchen. Pull out vertical pantries are also some of the best ideas for a small kitchen. Space-savvy storage ideas will help to free up space to create an illusion of a bigger room.

10. Think Minimalist

Last but not least is thinking minimalism. There are many affordable minimalist ideas for small kitchens you can select from. One of them is creating large windows to allow plenty of natural light into the room. Natural light creates an illusion of a spacious room by making the exterior as part of the room. You can also invest in quality appliances to create several focal points around the room. A Minimalist colour palette is also highly recommended for a minimalist kitchen.

If you were wondering how to design your small kitchen and make it appear roomier, try these decorating ideas. They will not only work magic but will also cost you very little or nothing for some. Most of these ideas are DIY, and thus you don’t need to hire an interior designer.           

man fixing solar water heater on the roof

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar power systems have increasingly become popular not only in Australia but across the world. As an alternative to fossil fuel-generated energy, the system provides numerous benefits to the user and the environment. That’s why most governments, including Australia, are offering incentives to homeowners investing in solar energy.  

Most people want to incorporate solar power into their homes and get the most out of it. If you want to use solar power on large loads such as water heater, there are several things you need to know. In this guide, we are covering some of the crucial factors that you need to take into consideration to get a perfect solar home water heating system. Here are the 5 major factors you need to consider: 

1. Types of Water Heater System 

One of the crucial factors to consider when investing in a solar water heater system is the type of water heating system in your home. There are many types of water heaters in the market. However, they can be put into two categories – electricity and gas-powered water heaters. Only electric powered can be incorporated with a solar power system.  

Electric powered tank water heaters are the most common type in Australia. If you have this type of hot water, you just need to couple it with your solar water heating system to heat the water. However, it will only heat the water during the day. So, when sunlight falls short in the night, you need to connect the water heater back to the electricity from the grid.  

Other types of water heater you can be coupled with solar water heater system include heat pump systems, tankless water heaters, and solar thermal hot water heater. Note that the solar thermal hot water heater system will need a top up during the night. 

2. Your Electric Tariff 

Another factor that you need to consider is the tariff that you are using at home. There are only two tariffs in Australia – flat rate and time of use (TOU). For the flat rate tariff, it means that you are paying the same amount for every unit of the electricity you use. On the other hand, TOU tariff means that you pay less for off-peak hours and more for peak hours. The off-peak is usually in the night when the electrical load is small. 

Depending on the type of tariff that you are using, you can incorporate a solar water heating system to help lower your energy bills. But in both cases, you need to maximise solar-generated electricity during the day when there is plenty of sunlight. It is also possible to use a solar thermal hot water system and top it up during the night with the grid electricity.  

solar panels

However, TOU is the best tariff to incorporating with a solar power system for water heating. With the ‘peak time’ being in the day, you can employ the use of solar energy to heat water. This means you will only need grid electricity during the off-peak hours (in the night). So, with the TOU tariff, you will be paying less to heat water in your home. 

3. Controlled Load Tariffs For Hot Water 

The controlled load factor is crucial when installing a solar water heating system. With controlled load, also referred to as a dedicated circuit on electricity or as “off-peak hot water”, the electricity retailer is able to control the amount of load on the line every single time. The aim is to protect the line from overloading in instances where many homes power on water heaters at the same time. 

Homes using the controlled tariff for heating water usually pay less for every kWh. However, the system might inconvenience you when it comes to supplying hot water. There are two main controlled approaches – controlled load 1 & 2. You need to know the controlled load you are using. For the controlled load 1, the unit only heats the water overnight during off-peak hours. When controlled 2 heats water for a chunk of time during the day. 

 So, you might need a backup power source to top up when your water heater is off the grid. That’s where you need a solar water heating system to maintain a hot water supply. If your water heater is on controlled load 1, then the solar power system will be of big help. 

4. The Size of Solar PV System 

The other factor that you need to consider is the size of the solar photovoltaic. Depending on the load, you need to select a solar PV system that will suit your needs. If you want to heat water using a solar electric system, then the power from the solar should be more than that of the water heating element. For instance, for a 4kW water heater element, you need a solar PV system that produces more than element capacity – probably 5kW. That is the only that you can have enough solar electrical energy to supply your home with hot water. 

5. Timer and Control Options 

hourglass classic timer

Last but not least is timer and control options. Once the system is fully set up, you need to put in place time and control options. Install a physical or manually controlled timer on the switchboard. The timer will allow for the automation the functioning of the water heater. The other device you need to install is a solar inverter. The device senses surplus solar energy and directs it to the heating element.  

Lastly, consider installing a green circuit to help maximise your solar power energy. A green circuit is simply a smart timer that triggers the load automatically when your solar PV systems hit the pre-determined level of power output. 


If you’re planning to incorporate a solar water heating system, these are the crucial factors you need to consider. Make sure that you have understood your current water heating system to get a perfect solar heating system for your home. Understand your tariff and make sure you have put a proper control system for your new water heating system. 

Problem with faucet in kitchen

10 Best DIY Plumbing Hacks And Tips

Plumbing problems are common to all homes and businesses. The obvious thing that most people do is calling their plumber to fix the problem. While some of the plumbing problems such as leaking slab require a professional plumber, there are other plumbing issues that are pretty easy, and you can fix them yourself.  

If you are in North Brisbane and would like to fix minor plumbing issues in your home, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we are providing you with the best DIY plumbing tips and hacks. These are tips and hacks that will not only help you fix minor plumbing issues but also save you money. 

Here are 10 best DIY plumbing tips and hacks:  

1. Fixing A Running Toilet 

Running toilets are some of the most common plumbing problems. If your toilet is running, there is no need to call a plumber. You can stop water from flowing by fixing the floater. What you need is just to jiggle the handle so that you can control the level of water. But this is just a temporary solution. For a permanent solution, you might need to replace the entire assembly. If the floater is not the problem, check the condition of the stop valve. These are the two main causes of a running toilet. 

2. Fixing Garbage Disposals 

Garbage disposals usually get jammed or clogging because of large food particles that accumulate with time. One main advantage of garbage disposals is that they come with manuals with instructions on proper handling. Before calling a plumber, read these instructions, and you might find that it is a problem that you can fix on your own. Besides, the garbage disposals come with a hex wrench for unclogging purposes. You should always be cautious by turning off and unplug the unit from the power source before doing any repair.  

3. Removing Clogs From Sink Drain 

After cleaning utensils and foodstuffs for a long time in a sink, food particles may block the sink drain. If your sink is clogged, you may not need a plumber. You can easily remove the clogs from the sink drain by pouring baking soda down the drain, then add vinegar to react with baking soda. The combination will break down the clog in the sink drain. Once the chemical reacting is over, you can pour hot in the pipe to wash away the loose particles. 

woman clearing clogged drains

4. Repairing Low Water Pressure Shower 

Showers typically show signs of clogging whenever the water pressure reduces abnormally. The good thing is that fixing low water pressure is pretty easy, and you do not have to look for a plumber. Start by closing the tap. Then carefully remove the showerhead to identify the spray plate and immerse them in a vinegar solution for a few hours to remove stains and clogs. Lastly, reassemble back the parts of the shower and test if the water pressure has been restored. 

5. Flushing Water Heater  

After using your water heater for a while, the deposits will have accumulated, making the unit ineffective. That’s when you might start experiencing rumbling noises from the tank. You can quickly solve such a problem on your own without the need of a plumber. what you need to do is switching off water heater from the power source. Scrap off the mineral deposits and drain the coloured solution using a pipe that you can attach to the base of the heater. That’s how easy it is to flush you’re a water heater. 

6. Applying Caulks To Fix Bathtubs And Showers 

Caulking is essential for bathtubs and showers since they prevent leaks. If you notice that your bathtub or shower is leaking, you don’t need to call a professional plumber to coke them. What you need is just the right caulk, and you are good to go. However, you also need to buy a quality caulking gun for quality work. Then, go ahead and fill the cracks. 

7. Replacing Old Shower Heads With New Ones 

For the maximum efficiency of showerheads in your house or business, there is a need to replace old shower heads with new ones regularly. When you use the showerhead for an extended period, it experiences clogging because of sedimentation. Rust could also make the shower ineffective. You don’t need a plumber to replace your old shower with a new one. That’s a simple plumbing problem that you can fix even with tools. 

8. Repairing Sump Pumps 

Sump pumps are very crucial for homes that experience flooding basement or crawlspaces. They help to pump away sewerage to the main sewer line to avoid flooding. A constant running sump pump is one of the problems that you can fix. The problem is usually caused by dirt or debris lodging under the float switch. Unplug the pump from the power and clear debris and dirt for the float switch to work properly. 

9. Repairing Leaking Pipes Under The Sink 

man fixing pipes under kitchen sink

You can repair leaking pipes under the sink in several ways. However, you will need some simple tools such as a monkey wrench, a bucket, and a plumber’s tape. You detach the pipes by using a monkey wrench after closing the valve distributing the water. Then, run the tape around the pipes to seal the broken parts. Reconnect the pipes and run water to test whether they are functioning normally. They should be working fine. 

10. Fixing a Leaking Faucet 

Leaking faucets is probably one of the most common plumbing problems for most homes – the problem usually caused by worn-out interior components such as washers, O-rings, and seals. So, what you need to do is to open the faucet and replace the worn parts.  

These are some of the best DIY plumbing hacks and trips that every homeowner should have. They can be useful during a plumbing emergency in North Brisbane. However, we recommend that you hire professional plumbing in North Brisbane if it is a complex plumbing problem such as a broken pipe causing flooding. They will help you detect and fix the main cause of the plumbing problem. 

Dead cockroach on floor

10 Ways To Protect Your Home From Cockroach Infestation

When cockroaches infest your home, they can be difficult and costly to get rid of.  It will take some time before your house is declared roach free. But you can make things easier for yourself by simply adopting cockroach prevention measures instead of dealing with the actual problem itself. Prevention is a cheaper and more effective way of keeping cockroaches away from your home. 

If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your home, we have some of the best DIY pest control South Side tricks for you. Here are 10 of the best DIY ways you can keep your home free from cockroaches: 

1. Keep The House Clean 

One of the basic tips for protecting your home from cockroach infestation is keeping your home clean. Roaches thrive in dirty places. So, you need to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned, including the furthest corners of your house. Pay more attention to the kitchen. Don’t just clean with water but also add detergents that will make it difficult for the cockroaches to thrive. How frequent you clean your house will lower or increase the possibilities of dealing with a roach infestation.  

2. Shuffle Things Around 

The mistake that most people do is keeping things in the kitchen at the same place for a very long time. That gives roaches a perfect place to not only hind but to breed. So, make sure that you are shuffling things in your kitchen from time to time. Change the location of the refrigerator, stove and other appliances. Move the island and other items that could provide hind outs for these pests. With that, you will be able to kick them out of their hind outs hence keeping your home safe. 

3. Keep Newspapers and Cardboards Boxes Away 

One thing that some homeowners don’t know is that cockroaches like newspapers and cardboard boxes. If you have these two items lying in the house, and more so in the kitchen, then you are inviting these pests into your home. They provide a perfect breeding ground for roaches. Therefore, make sure that newspapers and cardboards are stored properly in the house. If you don’t need them, just throw them away to avoid nasty cockroach infestation.  

white kitten on brown folded cardboard boxes

4. Clear Out the Clutter 

Cockroaches don’t like open places. In fact, you will rarely find these pests in an empty room or crawling on the floor during the day. They like hiding in dark places, and a clattered room provides them with a perfect habitat. So, if you want to protect your home from roaches, then clearing out the clutter in the house is one of the most cost-effective pest control south side plans for roaches. The practice will not only keep your house free of these pests but also make it specious.  

5. Keep The Home Dry 

Roaches love damp places and places where they can get access to water. That’s why you need to check your home for damp places and leaking appliances or fixtures. Check whether there are places in the kitchen that damp, especially under the kitchen sink. You also need to check if your refrigerator, water filter, washing machine, and other appliances are leaking. Make sure that everything stays dry. If cockroaches cannot get access to water, you will have avoided an infestation. 

6. Contain Foods 

For roaches to infest your home, they will need to have plenty of food. They will eat all kinds of foods, including pets’ food.  One way that you can ensure that there is no food for roaches is by containing all foods in the house. Keep the containers clean and the lid tightly closed. With that, there will be nothing for the cockroaches to eat. Even a few that could be in the house will die of hunger or run away to look for food. Containing food also helps to control their breeding. 

7. Do The Dishes 

One of the areas that roaches get their foods in from the leftovers. Most people leave dirty dishes in the sink, especially after dinner. That’s one big mistake that increases possibilities a roach infestation. With these pests being most active during the night, they will collect food from the dishes. This will enable them to breed fast, and that’s how you get to experience an infestation. So, do the dishes immediately after finishing your meal if you want to keep cockroaches away from your home. 

8. Vacuum Cleaning 

Cleaning the house with water and detergents may not get rid of all cockroaches. You need a more powerful cleaning method that can also collect the tiny eggs of these pests. Vacuum cleaning is one of the most effective ways of protecting your home from an infestation. What you need is just to vacuum clean every part of your home at least two times a week. With that, you will be able to get rid of any possibility of roaches infesting your home. 

vacuum cleaner

9. Seal Crack  

Proper maintenance your home also plays a critical role in keeping roaches away. If these pests don’t get access to your home, then you will never experience a pest infestation. Sealing all cracks that could provide these pests with access to your home is crucial. So, check your home foundation for any cracks and have them fixed. In addition, we recommend that you install door sweeps to prevent roaches from crawling into the house using door gaps. 

10. Squirt Borax Powder 

Borax is one of the lethal weapons against roaches. Once a cockroach has consumed borax powder, it cannot survive. The powder kills roaches by damaging their gut lining hence killing the pest by starvation. Borax also dehydrates these insects hence damaging their exoskeleton. By squirting borax around the house, you will kill roach that will manage to come into the house.  

These are some of the best DIY tips for protecting your home from cockroaches. But if you are looking for a lasting solution to roach problem, consider hiring professional pest control services. They will not only help you deal with roach infestation but will also help you put measures that will help prevent cockroach infestation.

home cooking

10 Advantages Of Home cooked Food Over Eating Out

A huge number of people prefer dining out instead of preparing food at home. If you ask most of them, convenience and time are the reason that they give. But the real answer is that they have never taken time to understand the many benefits of home cooked food.

You will be surprised by the benefits that come with preparing your own food at home. Research has shown that eating home-cooked linked to a happy and healthier life amongst many other benefits. In this post, we have rounded up the main advantages of preparing food at home.

Here are the 10 benefits of home cooked food over eating out:

1. Control Over What You Eat

One of the biggest benefits of homemade food is control over what you eat. That is something restaurants or eating out does not offer. The biggest control that comes with eating home cooked is the food portion. When you prepare your own food, you will be able to get the right portions for every ingredient you are using. If you are watching your weight, then preparing food at home allows you to control the number of calories that you eat.

2. You Avoid Overeating

over eating burger

Whenever we order food in a restaurant, very few of us, leave some of it on the plate when we feel full. We tend to overeat to avoid leftovers- which in another term is money wasted. When you force yourself to finish the food served, it means that you are overeating. We all know the result of overeating and more weight issues. When you have homemade food, you don’t have to overeat. You can preserve the leftovers in the fridge for another day. So you save money, and at the same time, you avoid overeating.

3. Cost Control

One of the biggest disadvantages of dining out is cost. You spend a lot of money on food, and in some cases, you don’t really get value for the money. Most of the dishes cost is exaggerated, maybe because of the status of the restaurant and other facts. But when you prepare food at home, the cost of food is significantly reduced. You can even opt to go to the farmer’s market where you buy food in bulk and at a lower price. So your food budget will significantly go down.

4. You Eat Quality Food

There is a lot of questions about the quality of food sold in some restaurants. There have been cases where some restaurants have been busted for cooking substandard and expired food. The hygiene of the hotel and more so that of the kitchen is also an issue. Do you know why only authorised individuals enter the kitchen? Because some of them are dirty and messy. When you prepare your food at home, you have control over the quality. You buy fresh vegetables, lean meat, and quality ingredients that add value to your health.

5. Maintain Nutrition

When a restaurant says that they serve the most nutritious food, don’t believe it. They are there for business and will only do what can add to their profits. So they will have to compromise the nutrition value of their dishes to adjust their profit margins. One of the benefits of home cooked food is that you have control over the nutritional value of the food you eat. Depending on the recipe that you are using, you can buy the healthier and nutritious ingredients to meet your needs. With that, you will avoid eating bad food in some restaurants.

6. Control Over Hygiene and Food Safety

food hygiene

When it comes to the safety of food, dining out does not offer the best option. From the terrible conditions of some kitchens, way the food is prepared to the kind of food that is cooked, you no guarantee on safety and hygiene of the food. When you have home cooked food, you have control over the entire process. From the buying of the food, the cleanliness of your kitchen to the cooking process as a whole, you have total control over the hygiene and safety of the food.

7. You Learn More About Food

When you prepare food at home, you will learn more about various foods by default. You find out which vegetables offer the best health benefits in the market. You will also find yourself researching more about food and reading diet blogs for more information. This is a kind of information that you cannot get when you dine out. After preparing food at home for a couple of months, you will become a dietician by default. That’s how powerful the habit of having a home cooked food can be.

8. Reduced Sugar And Processed Food

One of the biggest challenges of dining out is the high consumption of sugar and processed food. Most of the food that is offered is processed. Most of the drinks, including soda, wine also contains high quantities of processed sugar. Such food exposes you to a high risk of health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and so on. One of the biggest benefits of homemade food is a reduction in the consumption of processed food. You have an opportunity to eat organic and unprocessed food which is good for the body.

processed food

9. One Makes You Happier

One of the biggest health benefits of home cooked food is the peace of mind. Cooking at home makes you happier. It helps you to deal with stress, anxiety, and that’s how it improves your mood. When you cook, all your concentration is on the food, and thus for a moment, you will forget things that were disturbing your mind. The smell of the food and the entire process also helps to stimulate your senses hence making you happier.

10. Saves Time

Although most people think that eating out helps save time, but that is not entirely the truth. Preparing food at home can help you save more time than eating out. For instance, you can prepare food in bulk in just 30 minutes and preserve the surplus for the coming days. That’s how you save time with home cooked food. If you thought dining out is the best option for you, now you know why that’s not. There are many benefits of preparing food at home that proves dining out is not the best option. Try home cooking today, and you’ll be impressed by the results in just a couple of months.

asian dishes

Ancient Food Recipe: 9 Old Dishes Still Cooked The Old Way Today

Don’t get surprised if you find out that your favourite dish has been around for hundreds or thousands ofyears. For your information, there are foods that have been around for centuries. The recipes for old dishes that have stood the test of time as these dishes are cooked the same old way.

If you want to know more about the old dishes that are still cooked the old way, we’ve got you covered.We have rounded some of the old recipes that are still in use and cooked the same old ways.

Here are the 9 old dishes recipe still cooked the old way today:

1. Meat Pie

baked beef

The meat pie is one of the most liked dishes here in Australia. But you will be surprised to learn that it is one of the old dishes that have been around for hundreds of years and still cooked the same old way. The meat pie is estimated to have been around since 1700 BC. It is believed that the earliest people to prepare a meat pie were from ancient Mesopotamia. According to the earliest recipes for this dish, the cooking has not changed apart from slight changes in ingredients depending on the region.

2. Stew

meat stew

Stew is one of the oldest recipes that have stood the test of time. The dish looks and tastes more like curry, and that’s probably why people still like it. The main ingredients are vegetables, poultry, meat, and many other ingredients simmered over gently heat. The dish also includes a lot of spices which gives it a fantastic aroma and taste. It is estimated that stew has been around since 6000 BC making one of the old dishes that have not changed the old way of cooking.

3. Kheer

Indian cuisine

This is another mouth-watering dish with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. The dish is estimated to have been around since 400 BC. Kheer is a creamy milk-based dessert that is mostly served on occasions such as wedding ceremonies, festivals as well as temples in India. Although it may have been given various names such as payesh, fereni or kshirika, the recipe has been the same with minor differences depending on the region. However, the way of cooking this dish has changed based on some of theancient food recipes. Kheer is still one of the popular dishes in India.

4. Garum

thailand street food

Garum or fish source is an old dish synonymous with East and Southern Asia Cuisines, especially in places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and Myanmar amongst others. Guram is simply a fish sauce that is prepared by fermenting a dried or fresh fish. Although other ingredients that make a complete dish might vary depending on the region, the main ingredient (fish sauce) is cooked the same way. This dish is estimated to have been around since the 4th century making it one of the oldest food items that have maintained the old way of cooking.

5. Tamales

If you have never eaten tamales, then you need to order a bite. The dish is popular not only for its fantastic taste but the health benefits it provides. This is one of the few dishes that have both fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients. Tamales dish was first prepared between 8,000 and 5,000 BC. What is interesting about this dish is that nothing much has changed about is preparation. Today, we are also using dough and other ingredients that have been used for centuries. You should try it.

6. Pancakes


We all love pancakes, but one thing that most of us may not be aware of is that this dish has been around for centuries. It is estimated that pancakes have been around since 3300 BC. Most parts of the world used to make pancakes depending on the ingredients found in that region. Although the ingredients may have changed a little over the years, the use of wheat dough has not changed as the main ingredient. Today, pancakes recipe uses wheat plus other ingredients such as eggs to make it more nutritious. However, not much has changed when it comes to the actual preparation of the dish.

7. Pilaf

Pilaf is another ancient food recipeoriginating in China and later in the Indian subcontinent. A pilaf dish has rice as the main ingredient. The recipe, including cooking rice, meat, and vegetables in a broth seasoned with different herbs and spices. In most cases, chicken, fish, pork, seafood, lamb, and so on were used as the ingredient depending on the region. That is has not changed even today. The cooking of Pilaf is the same way it was centuries ago. If you have never tasted pilaf, you need to look for a recipe or place an order at your restaurant.

8. Curry

curry spices

Origination from the Indian subcontinent, this dish continues to gain popularity across the world due to its taste and medley colours. The dish includes a lot of spices and herbs, which makes it not only healthy but also tasty. It is estimated that the curry dish has been around since 2600 – 2200 BC. Although some new spices and herbs may have been introduced due to globalization of the dish, the preparation has not changed. So it somehow tastes the way it did some centuries ago.

9. Cheesecake

I know most of us have at one time developed a craving for cheesecake. But what is interesting by cheesecake is that it didn’t come just the other day, but the recipe is centuries old. Cheese is estimated to have been prepared first around 2000 BC in the Samos, Greek island where cheese moulds were found.  In fact, it is believed that cheesecake was served as a dessert for the athletes who had participated in the first Olympic games of 776BC. From a cheese recipe that was written in 230 AD by an ancient Greek author Athenaeus, very little has changed. The dish is still cooked in the old way.

These are 9 old dishes that are prepared in the same old way and still popular in various parts of the world. Although ingredients may have changed a little, the cooking process is still the same.

kitchen aide

10 Modern Kitchen Gadgets That Makes Cooking Fun and Fast

Updating your kitchen with the latest gadgets is the best way to make cooking easier, fun, and friendlier. The good news is that technology continues to advance every day, and thus there is always a new or more advanced gadget to bring into the kitchen. So which modern kitchen aid should you have these days? Well, you need a bunch of them.

If you want to update your kitchen gadgets, we have rounded up some of the best new-age kitchen aids that you should consider buying. These are modern kitchen gadgets that will not only make the cooking time a breeze but will also improve cooking efficiency.

Here are the 10 best modern kitchen gadgets you should buy


We all like the taste of fried food, but the issue of health due to trans-fat and high calorie scares us. But with Air-Fryer, you can enjoy your favourite fried dish without worrying about fats. The gadget enables you to cook with a little amount of fat and still make you feel like you are eating deep-fried food. The air fryer has temperature control that allows you to set your preferred cooking temperature. In addition, it comes with double racks that will enable you to cook two dishes in one go.

Smart Microwave


With smart kitchens becoming a reality, most of the gadgets are now coming with smart features. AmazonBasics Microwave is one of the latest smart gadgets in the market, and kitchen junkies cannot get enough of it. What makes this microwave unique is its Internet of Things features that it comes. It has a dedicated app that you install on your smartphone to control it. So, you can be watching your favourite show on TV in the sitting room while at the same monitoring your microwave from your phone.


You and I know that shopping for food, especially vegetables, can be a stressful task. You usually find the food is finished when cooking and also forget some food when shopping in the grocery. But with Hiku device, your food management will be made easy. The device helps to keep track of food in the fridge. Every time you remove a pack from the fridge, the app will read the barcode and add it to your shopping list on the Hiku app. So, the device will automatically update the grocery shopping list. That’s why it is one cool modern kitchen aids making the smart kitchen a reality.

Smart Blender

Most people don’t know is that the juices and smoothies they make could be having high-calorie content. That’s why monitoring the number of calories in fruits is crucial. With NutriBullet Balance Blender, you have a gadget that can calculate the number of calories that are blending in your juice. The smart blender measures ingredients and keeps the record of your nutritional factors. The gadget has an app that you need to install on your smartphone where you read the results. This is one of the new-age kitchen gadgets that you need to invest in.

Smart Slow Cooker

Smart Slow Cooker is among the new-age kitchen gadgets that have changed how we do things in the kitchen. With this smart slow cooker, your cooking experience will never be the same again. The gadget is designed to take care of cooking for you, even when you are at work. Among the best options is the Crock WeMo-Enabled Smart Slow Cooker. As the name suggests, this pot works with the WeMo app, which you have to install on your smartphone. So, it is one of the Internet of Things kitchen gadgets as you can control it from your phone as long as you are connected to the internet. It’s one of the must-have modern kitchen gadgets to buy.

Vegetable Slicer

vegetables for slicing

Cutting vegetables is one of the activities that most of us find tiring. It does not only consume time but can also cause injuries with the knife and requires a lot of skills. But has new vegetable slicers as the Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer is making work in the kitchen easier. The slicer does not only cut vegetables but also in spirals. So, your vegetables will look more like noodles. This is one of the modern kitchen aids that you need to invest in.

Smart Ingredient Weighing Machine

One of the key things that stress most people in the kitchen is getting the right amount of ingredients. In fact, most people get it wrong most of the time. Imagine having a gadget in the kitchen that can help you get ingredients’ weight correct? Well, that is what PantryChic offers. It is an alternative to the traditional scale that features three BPA-free canisters, which are also dishwasher-safe. It is one of the new-age kitchen gadgets that you need to have in your kitchen.

Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world due to its ease of cooking. But we all know that cooking rice requires some skills. You need to get the right amount of water, controlled temperature, and so on. Some of the modern kitchen aid gadgets that you need to invest in are the Rice Cookers. The gadget makes cooking rice very easy in that you can control temperature and have the right amount of water to prevent the rice from burning. The gadget also cooks rice very fast.

cooked rice

Electric Mixer

If you love baking, then you need to have the dough mixing automated. An electric mixer is a gadget that can mix anything from the dough, eggs, and any others that should be mixed. Your work is to out the content in the bowl, set the time for mixing, and the electric mixer will do the rest. It’s one of the cool modern kitchen gadgets to invest in.

Multiple Sided Stainless Steel Grater

If you want to grate your cheese or vegetables such as carrot quick, then you need to buy a multiple-sided stainless steel grater. These are graters that will make your work in the kitchen easy and first. You can find even a six-sided grater.

These are some of the best modern kitchen aids that you need to invest in. With most of them coming with smart features, they will make your cooking time in the kitchen a breeze.  

Here at SKE or Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs

Here at SKE or Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs, we specialize in the internet of things, connected living, smart home, and home automation. Too technical for you? Don’t be intimidated because it is exactly our desire to make the complex and intricate side of technology simple and functional for you. Because we believe that in today’s modern and digital world, we have to be abreast with technology. We can use technology to innovate things that would improve our way of living.

SKE Labs makes devices that are sensor reactive and can be connected to the internet. In this way, you can use our products with your other applications and devices so that they can all work together towards your personal purpose. In this way also, we have a lively and productive ecosystem in the virtual domain for the software and applications that would collaborate for your own good.

We offer smart kitchen solutions. We keep on saying smart because we use the SMART technology or the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology that makes it possible for our users to track and evaluate the nutritional indicators based on what they consume and what they need to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. This truly innovative product makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy diet.

We were able to share our first product is Neo, the world’s first smart container, to the rest of the world when the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show opened their garage doors in Las Vegas for our team. Through our supporters, we were able to fund the production of these jars and impart our commitment to the rest of the world. Neo connects to your kitchen, gives it your personalized touch, and creates a significant change in your eating habits and diet. It is almost like magic! So sit back, relax, eat, and have fun.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will browse through our pages to know more about our company and the products that we offer. We have featured our exhibits, interviews, videos, photos, and other links to make the experience informative and fun for you. Be on the lookout for exciting promos and offers that we have so that more people can enjoy our products. Come and read the testimonials and feedbacks from our customers and see for yourself how our products transformed not just their kitchen but their lives. Join our discussions about kitchen solutions and nutritional management as we journey with people from all walks of life in their road to health and wellness. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and valuable tips for keeping fit and healthy.

Here at SKE Labs, we know and understand your needs. We want to make your life simpler through the innovative products that we offer. Join the kitchen revolution now! Allow our products to redefine your kitchen for you. So remember friends, we want you to eat healthily and have fun while doing it. Cheers to a happier and healthier you.